Ann Stetton
Animated organi-crystaline forms
Liquid Kaleidoscopes

These were created in 2001.

I started to write up the complicated process it took to create these, but that was boring. So I'll skip that. These are animated kaleidoscopic Flash animations, but don't let the word "Flash" scare you as they are not representative of that sort of work at all. QuickTime output may have been preferable except that QuickTime is unable to perform certain functions that I needed to get the transparent overlays and randomizing feature.

Using two different overlays timed at different intervals, each movie is created so that although the movie repeats or loops, it is never the same twice. Reload the animation to get an entirely new one. At first the playback may be jerky until the entire movie is loaded into cache, after which point the liquid animation takes place. Please be patient while they load. Each animation opens to a new window.


Software used: Artmatic Pro, Adobe LiveMotion 1, Macromedia Flash 4

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